Wednesday, July 14, 2010

14 Row Easy Tote Free Crochet Pattern

Click Picture To Download!!!
Do you need a quick bag? or gift? Well, grab your bulky yarn and this pattern….. and get busy! This is made from 2 panels and it’s so fast! Seriously, each panel is 6 rounds, slip stitch them together and then the handles are made in 2 rounds…so it is seriously a ‘14 Row Easy Tote’! Add a button, flower or bow to personalize and you’ve got the best 14 Row Easy Tote!


  1. Under category that shows what stitches are used, tr is not yet but is in directions. When I do one tr, ch 1 one tr in same space n so forth I'm only getting 40 stitches although every row has added up until this 44 accurate? And is tr treble crochet? Where you yarn over twice then insert into ch etc ty

  2. Treble is tr and to work it you yo 2 times, insert hook into directed stitch, yo and pull up a loop, [yo, pull through 2 loops] twice.

    This row will pull out the circle into 'corners' to make it more 'square'. 44 should be correct, yes.


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