Friday, January 1, 2016

Pixie Baby Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Pixie Hat Crochet Pattern 
by Kristi Simpson

- You may use the finished items for personal and commercial use.
- You must use your own photos as a representation of your work.
- You may not use the photo(s) shown.
- Do not resell, share or redistribute the pattern.

How to Read this Pattern:
1. When a number is before the command, such as 3hdc, you will work in the SAME stitch.
2. When a number is AFTER the command, such as hdc3, you will work that command in the number of FOLLOWING stitches.
3. The number in parenthesis () at the end of the round is the TOTAL number of stitches for that round.

Do not leave baby unattended with this item.
What you need:
Size h-5.0mm Crochet hook
Medium Ply Yarn (I used a variegated Vanna’s Choice Yarn but you can use I Love This Yarn, Red Heart or any other medium weight)
Stitch marker (optional)

4inches =11 stitches and 13 rows.
Chain (ch)
Slip stitch (slip stitch)
Single crochet (sc)

To begin:
Ch4, sl st to join..
Round 1: Ch1, 4sc in ring (4 sts).
Rounds 2-3: Working in the round, sc in each stitch (4 sts).
Round 4: 2sc, sc3 (5) *Mark the first stitch with a marker (optional)
Round 5: 2sc, sc4 (6 sts).
Round 6: 2sc, sc5 (7 sts).
Round 7: 2sc, sc6 (8 sts)
Round 8: 2sc, sc7 (9 sts).
Round 9: 2sc, sc8 (10 sts).
Round 10: 2sc, sc9 (11 sts).
Round 11: 2sc, sc10 (12 sts).
Round 12: 2sc, sc11 (13 sts).
Round 13: 2sc, sc12 (14 sts).
Roudn 14: 2sc, sc13 (15 sts).
Round 15: 2sc, sc14 (16 sts).
Round 16: 2sc, sc15 (17 sts).
Round 17: 2sc, sc16 (18 sts).
Round 18: * Sc2, 2sc in next stitch, repeat from * to complete round (24 sts).
Round 19: * Sc3, 2sc in next stitch, repeat from * to complete round (30 sts).
Round 20: * Sc4, 2sc in next stitch, repeat from * to complete round (36 sts).
Rounds 21-33: Sc in each stitch. To finish, sl st to the first stitch of the last round to join (36 sts).

Fasten off. Weave in ends.

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