Friday, May 20, 2016

Book Release: Urban Slouchy Hats

Slouch hats take a step up in the fashion world with the 10 fabulous crochet designs in Urban Slouch Hats from Leisure Arts. Whether you like to kick up your heels or escape into your daydreams, there s a style just right for your personality. With trendy details ranging from button flaps to cables and chevrons, designs by Kristi Simpson include Carefree, Daydream, Intrigue, Captivating Cable, Vintage Lace, Casual Chic, Trendsetter, Time Traveler, Pinstripes, and Cobblestones. All are crocheted using medium weight yarn and Easy or Easy-Plus skill level.


  1. Hi Kristi !!! I purchased your Urban Slocuh Hats from Leisure Arts and love it. I have made several of the adult hats from the patterns but my little daughter wants one, I am not sure how to make the hats smaller so I can make her some from your beautiful patterns, should I reduce the stitch count by 2 or 4 initially so instead of 12 around do 10 and maybe use a smaller hook. I'm new to crocheting too so it makes it harder, but the adult versions I made did turn out. I know it will be a trial and error process thanks for any advice and guidance. Love your work Nicole

  2. First, thank you for your support--and I'm so glad you like the book! Second, I'd be happy to help. Email me at and I'll send you some tips that might help you adjust the sizes for your daughter. Thanks again!


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