Friday, February 26, 2010

Rose Lace Slouchy Free Knit Pattern

 This lacy slouchy hat is so light weight and perfect for any occasion. I actually made this hat for a family member fighting cancer and she loved it! So, this would be a great chemo cap knit pattern! I love this look in a variegated yarn, but the lace pattern would shine in a solid as well. The repeats are fun and keep it interesting! I hope you enjoy this hat!

Round Mountain Fibers
Fingering weight yarn
100% superwash merino
1 skein
US 7-4.5mm Cable needles
Yarn needle

Cast On: CO
Knit: K
Purl: P
Slip: Sl
Pass Slip Stich Over: Psso
Yarn Over: yo

4 sts x 8 rows in knit = 1”
1. The hat is made in the round and finished by cinching the last row to close.

Finished Measurements:

Teen-Adult: Circumference 20-22”

To begin:
Cast on 100, sl st to join.
Rounds 1-10: k 2, p 2
Round 11: K 1, * yo, sl 1, k 2, psso 2, repeat from * to last st, k 1
Round 12: Knit
Round 13: * Yo, sl s1, k 2, psso 2, repeat from * to last two sts, k 2
Round 14: Knit
Rounds 15-53: Repeat Rounds 11-14, ending on Round 13.
Round 54: Bind of knitwise, leaving a 18-inch length.

Sew the open edge of the hat together with yarn needle to the top.
To sew the top together: Turn hat wrong side out. Fold hat in half, use yarn needle to sew the center together. * Pull one side to center and sew; now you will have 2 more sides from that one fold. Pull each side to the center and sew. Repeat from * on other side to complete.
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