Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weaves Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

If you're looking for a stunning blanket pattern...then this is the pattern for you! It is unique and fun to create! Looking at this blanket, it might look ‘hard’ but step by step you just put it together and wa-lah you have it made! I step you through the directions so that you can create this lovely blanket. It takes 3 different colors, or you could make it solid…multi colors--how ever you want! You will start with strips of double crochet, braid and assemble and then add a simple border. To finish, you will sew the sides together! It's a simple concept with a fantastic finish that I just know you're going to love!
Hook: H-5.0mm
Yarn: Medium Weight (weight 4)
Used: Red Heart Super Saver
2 skeins each: light pink, pink camo, brown

Chain (ch)
Stitch (st)
Slip Stitch (sl st)
Single Crochet (sc)
Half Double Crochet (hdc)
Double Crochet (dc)

4” square in sc = 13 rows and 11 stitches
Please check gauge and adjust accordingly

Finished size: approx 48 x 60 (can change due to tightness of braid and yarn used)

1. The blanket is made in panels and then sewn together.
2. For the ‘weave’, you are going to make 7 of each color for a total of 21 zig-zag pieces (3 in each color).
3. After completing the zig-zag sections, you will weave them together and then join them. After joining them you will join all of the panels and then trim the panels as a whole.

To begin:
For each weave strip:
Ch 185, dc in third st from hook, * dc in each of next 14 ch, 3 dc in next ch, dc in each of
next 14 ch, sk 1 ch, repeat from * across, ending with the sk 1 st, dc in last st. Fasten off.

After you have your 3 ‘weave’ sections complete. Lay them out and weave (or ‘braid’)
them together. You can flip them and move them so that they line up correctly.
The following photo is after the trim, but you can see how it’s laid out. I had a sweet lady send me a few photos of her's in progress..aren't these colors pretty together?

Starting at the corner of the bottom weave, join the yarn you desire to use as the inside color. At that corner, the camo and pink overlap, join your yarn in the end of the first one and then sc straight around the edges of the end. This will help hold the end together. Ch 5 (these are not attached to anything-it is in the middle of the corners) The next sc will attach your next ‘point/corner’ from the weave. *ch 4; join with sc at the next point on the next st. * repeat until you get to the end of your row. Sc around the end joining all of the edges together as you go.

Ch5 (these are not attached to anything-it is in the middle of the corners) The next sc will attach your next ‘point/corner’ from the weave. *ch 4; join with sc at the next point on the next st. * repeat until you get to the end of your row. Sl st to the first sc.
Dc in each Stitch around the panel
Sl st to the 3rd chain in first ch 3 after you dc around.
Your panel is complete.
Make 7 panels.
When the panels are complete. Take a yarn needle and with a contrasting color join them together. Go through both loops two times to make it a solid join. You could slip stitch them together but then you would have a funny ‘seam’ on the back side. So, I recommend just hand sewing them.
When you have the panels sewn together, take the color you used to sew them together join your yarn on the end stitch of the side panel, sc around the outside of all of the panels to trim. When you get to the corners in the middle, sl st and continue to sc around. Blanket is now complete.

As you can see, the weaves are made, braided together, and then sewn together.
Then the panels are sewn together and then trimmed out to complete the blanket.
(these photos are from Natalie Turner--didn't her blanket turn out great!?!)

Here are a few tips and photos from one of my testers Ashley Scott.
First, make your strips according to the pattern and braid. Tester used Caron Simply Soft (I used Red Heart Super Saver)

TIP: Tie sections with extra yarn to keep the braid together as you continue to assemble. These ties will be removed as you go.
As you crochet according to the pattern, your first row will look like this:

In progress......

I hope you enjoy this pattern and make several in a variety of colors!
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