Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I'm on Annie's Creative Studio!

Something fun and exciting is about to be at your fingertips and I have been sitting on hooks and knitting needles waiting to tell you! Annie’s has created an exciting program called Annie’s Creative Studio and developed a creative team of experts for Crochet, Knitting, Sewing, Quilting and more…and I’m one of the Crochet Experts! 

We have video tutorials in the Learn, Make, Create section and other fun subjects discussed in Creative Living…and then there’s so many other sections…see?

Oh, you’re going to love it! Jan 1 is the official release, but you can check it out at  www.AnniesCreativeStudio.com any time before then (and you might find that it’s already open for viewing!) 

The concept is really cool… For example, all of the designers filmed from HOME! We set up a fun little studio and film all of the episodes and then Annie's does their magic and wa-la! 

Now, I can’t go any further without giving a total loud shout out to my husband. He has been running the camera, lights and set up from day one! He has jumped in and is the techy side of this operation at home. I am blessed to have him help me and be a part of my team….We set up, film our episodes and have so much fun! 
If filming is this much fun--I know you're going to love this program on the learning side. 

and even my kids have fun with it! 

Now, think about all of the cool things you’ll get to learn on the site--- choosing color schemes, working projects. I've been told that all of Season 1 will be on the site when it's published...and then every week there will be new postings and it's going to be packed-full of goodies! Something compared to Netflix.... we'll see! It's exciting!

Anyway…. Don’t miss out—check out the real creative fun with Annie’s at http://www.anniescreativestudio.com .

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