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Friday, July 27, 2018

Book Release: Come Home To Crochet (Contributor)

With Come Home to Crochet, a cozy abode is just a few stitches away. Add a personal touch and measure of comfort to your nest with the charming kitchen & bedroom linens contained within. Because home is where your hooks are.

I am thrilled to be apart of this Knit Picks book and even have one of my pattern sets as the cover! I have 3 patterns in this book (3 of 7 patterns included in this set) and I can't wait to tell you about them. The book has just released and you can find it on Knit Picks and get started on these patterns right away. Photo credit to Knit Picks and team. 

Now, let me tell you about the patterns that I have contributed! First up, the Darling Dinner set. 

 This set will decorate your table with elegance and flair. Featuring the broomstick lace technique, it is a mix of beauty and functionality. Customize this set to pair with your home decor color scheme, or to make a housewarming gift with a personal touch for friends and loved ones.
For the stitching, I used a beautiful broomstick lace with Knit Picks Cotlin DK. I can see this being made in so many colors!  I loved designing this set!

Next up, the Mandala Pillow. 

Add a charming burst of color and energy to your living space with this cheerful Mandala inspired pillow! Two panels are worked back and forth in a slip stitch pattern and then sewn together. The beautiful mandala is crocheted in joined rounds then seamed onto one side of the pillow.

I love taking something 'old' and making it 'new'. This doesn't look like a doily at all to me -- but it does look like a vibrant mandala! It is fresh, modern and I'd give it to any of my family members as a gift! An upclose look....
Last on the list of my patterns in Come Home To Crochet is the Woven Baby Blanket. 
Cuddle your sweet one in softness and texture. It is a stunning blanket that mixes stitches to create a unique woven look. Don’t be afraid of the texture, it is just as easy as counting your stitches. The beautiful blanket will create a priceless heirloom for years to come.
Now, don't run because you see cables. It's actually pretty easy once you think about it... like I said above you're only crossing stitches 2 at a time (that's the basic idea of course) and then it creates a unique woven look. I was intimidated by cables for the longest time--but once I stepped back and realized that you're working on posts and counting and crossing stitches, I felt silly for not trying it sooner! I love cables and how you can use them in different ways. This is such a fun blanket to make! And as you see the pattern working up--you'll just love it!

I hope that you'll check out this book and grab a copy for yourself. It's such a pretty book. Here are the other patterns included from other designers:
Daisy Chain:
Housewarming Pillow:
Serenity Afghan:
And last, but not least, Tidepool Placemat:

Need the link again? Here ya go: 


Friday, July 6, 2018

Lunar Tunic Red Heart Free Pattern

I love working with new yarn… And when Red Heart wanted me to make a tunic from their new
It’s A Wrap Rainbow yarn…. I was so excited!!!! I had the perfect design in mind.

If you haven't worked with It's A Wrap Rainbow, let me share a bit about it….
And trust me, you'll want to run it and get it---you've been warned!

It is a unique yarn, being that it is loosely twisted together instead of tightly twisted like other yarns.
It's a ombre style yarn wound in a cute cake instead of a skein or hank.
I was concerned at first that it would get tangled, but nope!!!!
It didn't tangle at all, and the colors changed so subtly. I liked the blue and brown and gray mix---
and it made the tunic unique. I love how you can choose sides: blue or brown……
I used 2 cakes for this project. I worked from the center out---reaching the blue each time...
not the black yet. So you only see the blue and brown.

Now, the design is basically 4 fun squares, trimmed with straps…… see?

And the drape is awesome. It hangs loosely and is lightweight- not heavy at all!
I hope you give this pattern and yarn a try…..Get your free pattern here on Red Heart.
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