Monday, May 23, 2016

New BOOK Release: Urban Slouch Hats

Do you love slouch hats? Well, I have a treat for you! I am so excited to announce the release of my newest book: Urban Slouch Hats. You can find it on Amazon here. I love creating hats, they are my favorite and slouch hats are on the top of my list (only second to baby animal hats!). 

Urban Slouch Hats take a step up in the fashion world with the 10 fabulous crochet designs in Urban Slouch Hats. Whether you like to kick up your heels or escape into your daydreams, there s a style just right for your personality. With trendy details ranging from button flaps to cables and chevrons, I've included Carefree, Daydream, Intrigue, Captivating Cable, Vintage Lace, Casual Chic, Trendsetter, Time Traveler, Pinstripes, and Cobblestones. All are crocheted using medium weight yarn and Easy or Easy-Plus skill level.
I know that you will enjoy crocheting these designs..want a sneak peek into a few of the other hats? I think I can share a here you go!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I Like Knitting: 3 Featured Patterns June 2016

Grab your knitting needles, ya'll! This June 2016 issue of I Like Knitting features so many summer-friendly patterns that you won't have time to go swimming...well, ya know what I mean! You'll be busy playing with yarn!

Photo to the left is one of my featured patterns in this issue. The Wildflower Dreams Shrug is perfect to make for the warmer months. I used Cascade Cherub for this pattern and it's light (and super soft!) enough for this project. I think that it would be ideal to wear over a cute tank top OR over long sleeves on a cooler night. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

I Like Knitting: Smocking Stitch Photo Tutorial

I Like Knitting June 2016 is a fantastic issue. Not only does it include several of my patterns (yeah!) but it also features the Smocking Stitch, which was used in my Vitamin Chic Bag. I did the photo tutorial and step by step directions...and they also included a step by step video! So, if you have ever wanted to learn how to complete this (easy) stitch but worried it was too hard or looked too complicated.....grab your hook and this June 2016 issue and try it out!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

I Like Crochet: 3 Featured Patterns June 2016

 I am thrilled to present to you the June 2016 I Like Crochet! I have 3 patterns included and they are the Simple Day Trip Cover Up, Party Prep Apron and Fairy-tale Fox Hooded Blanket. This is a wonderful issue for summer patterns and you can check it out here at I Like Crochet

I had seen several of the fabric versions of the cover up on Pinterest and I knew that I could made something just as cute (if not cuter!) with crochet. I mean, I HAD to! It will work perfectly for hot summer days at the pool or beach! But can you imagine making this in December? I mean, that's just not fair. Dreaming of warm days and yet being cold? Well, summer's here now--so make your own cover up and get out side!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cancer Care Hat and Charity

I have always had a soft spot for those who have cancer. I want to do something to make them feel good, and I turn to hats. I have done several cancer hat drives over the years and they have been wildly successful due to fan support. Seriously, last year's drive brought in over 1,500 hats! Yes, 1500+ hats!!! I mailed them to different cancer centers, dropped them off with St. Jude's, mailed them to the main head quarter in TN and even handed a few out to locals. I was overwhelmed with how other's reach out--it's really amazing to see our knit/crochet community at work. You really do make a difference!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Posy Toesy Sandals: Crochet World

Crochet World 2016 is hot off the press and I have a cute pair of sandals in it! The Posy Toesy Sandals crochet pattern is written for multiple sizes so make sure you get your copy of Crochet World and get busy for all of those sweet girls in your life!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Book Signing at Unraveled Yarn & Gifts

The book signing Saturday (Apr. 2) at Unraveled Yarn & Gifts in Florence, AL went so well! I got to hang out with their locals and sign books--and play with the  yarns!  It was such a pleasure because for one, the staff is so great (Anna, Kristen and Christina are so sweet and accommodating), and two, the setup was nice and so were all of the customers!
I think one of my favorite parts was when people would come in and see the books--and then have to pick out yarn to go with a project right then and there. I spoke with people who wanted to learn--and how the books could help not only teach them but refresh skills if it had been a while.  Some wanted hats and others wanted slippers and then there was the baby crowd---and it was just so much fun!