Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"WHOO" knew I liked designing owls?

Seriously, I didn't realized I liked owls as much as you think I do...honest! I just like the big eyes and the feathers and well....it just happens! Starting with my latest pattern...the owl hooded blanket--the owl is so cute. Just sayin'. I mean, the blanket is fun to begin with and then the crocodile stitch just adds the fun feathers! I think the eyes are my favorite part. They are just so big and pop on the little one's noggin! (FYI, this blanket was also featured in I Like Crochet August 2015 and is credited for the photo).
Owl boots? Oh yes, I did. I mixed cute boots with owls and put the pattern in my book "25 Cozy Crocheted Slippers". Click the photo or the "My Books" tab to get your own signed copy! The shoes in this book are from kid to adult and range from boy/girl to woman/man! 
I love a good tote--and this one is not only useful but it's the cutest! Why not have a tote with an owl on it? The wings double as pockets, too!
My owl hat pattern has always been one of my favorites. Who can resist any kiddo with a fun owl hat on? The pattern includes sizes 0-adult...just in case you have can't resist making one for yourself too!

I have another version of the owl hat in my first book "Sweet & Simple Baby Crochet". It is just as cute...want a copy? Click the photo or 'My Books' tab and I'll sign a copy and mail it to you when you purchase!
How about another CUTE hat? This one was designed off of the spotted owl...

Keep your hands warm and super cute with this mitts! The pattern includes multiple sizes so you can make a pair for your kiddos too!

Can you see the owl made by the cables? If you can front post treble, you should try this head wrap! 

My Owl Bib that was released in Crochet World Magazine July 2015..... I used the crocodile stitch in it as well....but I just couldn't help it! 

So, as I said before...I have a lot of owl patterns. 'WHOO' knew? I obviously enjoy a good owl design just as much as you enjoy the pattern! 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Waiting Room Crochet.... and the many questions!

I always have my hook and yarn when I go to any doctor appointment....and when I do, it always brings the curious eyes and questions! It has to be a small project that I can do without counting stitches or having to pay attention to very closely...like a hat or panel or something easy! Not only does it help me pass the time, but I get progress made because I'm sitting still! 

I asked my Facebook crowd if they did the same thing and THEY DO! Some even shared some of the fun questions they get such as, "Is that hard?", "Are you making a scarf?" (even when it's a hat!), "How do you do that so fast?" and my favorite, "What are you knitting?"  It seemed like a lot of people get the knitting question! It's so funny, and it always makes me smile, but people really just don't know the difference. Be patient with them--they might even want to learn!!

I love this comment that Diana Planno shared.... "I love it, crochet is a good 'ice breaker' and so nice to have human connections. Much better than looking at an electronic screen." Isn't that the truth? Put the phone or tablet down and crochet! You never know what little kiddo or mom will see and be inspired to try! 

The next comment that struck me as unique was from Paula Hartt: "....I get all kinds of questions and looks. My favorite is my mom used to do that". I get that comment too, and sometimes it's a grandparent or other family member that used to crochet--but that person never picked it up for some reason, and that's okay of course. I love hearing stories of items made or worn from family members. See, crocheting can be a great conversational hobby!

Last, my absolute favorite is those who say, " I don't have the patience" or even "I'd throw it, I can't do that".....I counter with, "Seriously, I can teach you." MISSION ACCEPTED!  But seriously, it really depends on the person and IF they want to learn. If they can't pick up crochet, I can teach them to knit--true story! 

I truly love to crochet and welcome the opportunity to share it with others....whether it's in a doctor's office or classroom! I hope that you take the chance to be open with curious eyes when you're crocheting. And feel free to giggle when it's called knitting! :) 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Slouchy Hats are my favorite and the style is IN!

I love to design hats...that's no secret! BUT other than baby hats, slouchy hats are my favorite! While I think my daughters look stunning and super cute in a regular beanie, but I swoon when I see them in a cute slouchy (and you may notice that they are often my beautiful models)! They are teenagers and like the loose hat look....and when I look around town I see lots and lots of different styles of slouchy hats! SO, let's take a fun look at the patterns I have designed and see if they inspire you to make one for you...your friends and family!

Amberlyn Slouchy Crochet Pattern, www.KristiSimpson.net,
Amberlyn Slouchy : This hat is so fast to create! You will hold two strands of yarn together throughout so it makes it fun AND fast! 

Dana Slouchy Hat Crochet Pattern, www.KristiSimpson.net,
Dana Slouchy HatYes, this is a knit/crochet combo pattern….but it’s basic for both, so give it a try! I love cables--period. Crochet or knit--they are just awesome. Don’t be intimidate--it’s just one extra step that YOU can do in knit if you can knit, purl and count stitches. And not to mention…looks cool!
Jemma Slouchy Hat, crochet pattern,  www.KristiSimpson.net,
Jemma SlouchyThis hat was inspired by an open flower pattern concept that I have been doodling for a while. I love how it turned out…The flower on the back of the hat, a sweet surprise to anyone following! The yarn adds to the beauty, striping and adding the color within.

Jill Slouchy Hat, crochet pattern, www.KristiSimpson.net
Jill Slouchy HatGreat for teens and adults! The pattern has a beautiful airy stitch and looks great with variegated or solid yarn! 

Lacey Slouchy Hat, crochet pattern,  www.KristiSimpson.net,
Lacey Slouchy Hat: This hat is perfect for any outing--day or night! It is fun to mix and match the color combos and is fast and easy to create. It is made with the most basic stitches: chain, single crochet, double crochet! Yes! You can make this hat!

 www.KristiSimpson.net, Marlee Slouchy hat, faux cables, crochet pattern
Marlee Slouchy Hat: Stay in fashion with this easy-to-create faux cable slouchy hat! It’s NOT cable, it’s made with connected loops--and it’s SO EASY! Give it a try…it’s even easy for adventurous beginners!

Nora Rose slouchy hat, crochet pattern,  www.KristiSimpson.net,
Nora Rose Hat:  You’re going to LOVE this pattern! The design is so different, yet casual that you’re going to want to make 2 for you, 2 for your kids, 2 for friends….and in every color! The waves in the hat simply set it apart--and the pattern includes instructions on how to make the hat slouchier if you prefer.

Southwest slouchy crochet pattern,  www.KristiSimpson.net
Southwest SlouchyThis hat will be perfect for any casual outing. Make in fall colors or spring and have the perfect year-round slouchy!

 www.KristiSimpson.net, Stephanie slouchy hat crochet pattern
Stephanie Slouchy: Want a unique hat? This one is easy to create and is different than most! Instead of top down, it is made side to side and then joined to create the body. To finish you'll add a brim....that's it!

I love the variety of slouchy hats...you can make them a little slouchy--or a lot slouchy! Now, go get your new favorite pattern (s), hook and yarn and get busy! ;) 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

New Lexie 3-in-1 Set Released!

This 3-in-1 set is perfect for child to adult. It has a headwrap, hat and tote included! The fun thing is that the patterns are written with the same base pattern…so when you start the headband you are also starting the hat and tote! It is fun and easy and I bet you’ll have all 3 made in a jiffy! Go ahead, get yours here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lexie-3-in-1-set

My favorite part of this set is...you guessed it--THE YARN! The Universal Bamboo Bloom Handpaints yarn is amazing and they have a variety of color options! It is not like working with thick and thin yarn--the texture is different throughout. I love to work with an art yarn, but the think and thin yarn wouldn't work for this project. However, the Bamboo Bloom Handpaints was perfect. It has regular yarn and then just sections of the thick yarn...not all just thick! I loooooove the final texture and how the little bobbles just 'pop' out! And don't worry, it's SO easy to work with, even for beginners! And I must give a quick shout out to Cascade. The 220 Superwash is simply amazing!!!! I love the finish and the matte look of the yarn. Thank you for such a wonderful product!

Upclose photo just for you.....

You can thank my husband, the 'behind the scenes' guy, for this set! He often has many great ideas and most of the times you see it in sales or website design....but he gave me this idea and it works out great ! I enjoyed making it and I can't decide which item I like the most! The hat...no...the bag...no...headband...ah, the hat! I can't do it....YOU DECIDE!