Inspired by her love of yarn, Kristi Simpson creates crochet patterns with a fresh and modern touch. Kristi is a prolific Author having been published in a myriad of: Magazines, Books, Videos, Catalogs and Online Venues. She is an Instructor, a Contributing Editor and also a member of the Crochet Guild of America.

A Note From Kristi:
  Hi! Welcome! I love creating crochet & knit designs that are cute, fun and stylish! Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, every item you make should be a delight, and my designs are created with that in mind. I try to inspire with fresh, modern, and fashionable designs and I hope you enjoy creating the items also. Over the years I have made 400+ designs. Over 350 are available for instant download through our Ravelry shop. No matter what project you are looking for, chances are we have one you’ll love creating! Browse our selection and get inspired and crafting today!

   I am married to Jason and we have 5 great children: Jacob, Kimberly, Allison, James and Ryan…. they definitely keep us on our toes! We started our business as RAKJpatterns and our kids initials is where the original name came from: R.A.K.J. We believe in family first!

   I don’t have a famous love story of how I learned to crochet from a well-known designer or from a loving relative, but my story is personal and fun to tell… :) As I mentioned, I have a wonderful husband and 5 kids! My youngest daughter had received a ‘Learn to Crochet a Scarf’ gift for Christmas from her aunt, and being the persistent little girl she is, she bugged me for a month and a half to learn to crochet. Looking back, I think I was intimidated by the process of it all--and that’s why it took me so long to buckle. (Seriously, what WAS I thinking?) I wanted to make my little girl happy so I pulled out the paper instructions and to my surprise, it was really easy! I learned to chain, single crochet and I taught her how to do it as I went. As she was practicing, I was learning more stitches and I was HOOKED! I haven’t stopped since! 
Every step of the way my family has been my biggest support.

   My husband and I came up with a rule: If you buy it, you use it. At the time, I would only buy one skein of yarn and I would use every ounce of it and then buy another--I couldn’t stop crocheting! Then, one day I had an idea….and I promise you it’s the truth….What if I could sell an item just to buy more yarn? Yes. For YARN. I wanted to use multiple colors and have options (YOU SHOULD SEE MY STASH TODAY….that rule was lost a LONG time ago!-ha). So, my husband listed my cute first beanie on Ebay and to be honest, I didn’t know if it would sell or not--but it DID! I laugh now at how excited I was to sell my first beanie but the thought of someone wanting it was thrilling! So, that’s just how it all started.

   I hope you enjoy crocheting my patterns and are inspired to grab your hook, yarn, find a design and have some fun!
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