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February 1, 2017

Simply Crochet Issue 54: 'You're A Peach' Socks

Jump into this colorful magazine and all of its fun patterns! Simply Crochet Issue 54 is so pretty...just sayin! I love the colors and the mix of fun patterns! There is a variety of patterns from my socks, blankets, wall hangings, sweaters and more! I love this issue and you should check it out here on Ravelry

Now, about my 'You're A Peach' Socks. This is a perfect pattern if you're new to socks....really! It starts from the top cuff and works it's way to the toe. The heel is simple and there are no seams (except to close the toe). Wear them as slipper socks around the house or outside with clogs for a casual look. I hope you enjoy this pattern! 

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