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March 9, 2017

Simply Crochet Issue 55: COVER & Easy Peasy Poncho & Hat Set

I am so excited to bring to you Issue 55 for Simply Crochet. I had the opportunity to work with their team to design a fun 'Easy-Peasy' poncho and slouchy hat set. I enjoyed creating this pattern and working it up...and isn't that blue so pretty? You're going to love this set, so get your issue or subscribe here at

Oh, and look--it made the COVER! That was such a fun surprise!!!
I can give you a little sneak peek into the is an open design and also includes the fun star stitch. It became one of my favorite stitches over the winter and I just HAD to incorporate it into this design.... you will love working it up as it adds just the right touch of flair, but doesn't make it stiff or too thick as it would if you did the entire project in the same star stitch.
I hope that you check out this issue online or in store!
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