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March 31, 2018

New Pattern: Flora Circle Vest

I had a rare 3 day break between projects and my husband challenged me to make something new---but it had to be something I had never made before. SO, not just a new hat bag or scarf.... I had a few hanks of Universal DK Supreme Cotton on hand so I let the creative juices flow! A few sittings later, I had a new circle vest pattern. Yes, I had made several vests before but not a circle vest......and I wanted to make it ruffly--that is intentional. See, if you don't space out a circle pattern just right--it will get ruffly (people run into that making rugs all the time). I love how lacy and full it is! My daughter grabbed it and wore it right away.... that always makes me happy!
I have been super busy with other publishing project since I finished this vest, but after making this--I'm ready for the next few day break just to challenge myself for something 'new' again! 

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