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April 14, 2018

Color Blocks Knit Throw Red Heart Free KNIT Pattern

Add a modern vibe to your room with this dramatic throw. Twelve easy squares are knit and then sewn together. It’s perfect for living areas or bedrooms, in any colors that suit you.

I used Red Heart Soft for this throw and it was such a treat! I loved mixing and matching the colors and you can too! This pattern is for FREE here on Red Heart.  

It is really easy! Seriously. If you have ever worked the Log-Cabin style pattern, this is very similar--just less color changes! AND you will only use the knit stitch. Ta-da! Told ya it was going to be easy.

This is a great project that you can take in the car, on a trip or just work on while watching tv. By using one stitch and an easy repeat block pattern---you're good to go! Have fun picking out your colors and making your 12 blocks! 

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