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June 1, 2018

I Like Crochet June 2018: Sunset Stripes Tote

This tote will add easy color to any summer outfit. Choose your colors for the stripes and mix it up to achieve the look you want. The slip stitch rows add texture to this fun and stunning bag.

I used Berroco Vintage in 4 colors to complete this bag...but look at the photo below....can you see the slip stitch rows? Yes, it has several color changing spots but it's worth it! The subtle texture really makes this tote. 
I ran into an issue with the handles...I couldn't find any in the craft store or online that would match. I didn't want just plain leather brown or black.....didn't want beaded handles or wooden...what did I do? I went to the closest thrift store and bought a bag and cut off the handles! I love the aged look of them and they just finished the bag perfectly. You can also be crafty and re-purpose handles. I've even used a belt as handles before-- get creative!

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