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July 6, 2018

Lunar Tunic Red Heart Free Pattern

I love working with new yarn… And when Red Heart wanted me to make a tunic from their new
It’s A Wrap Rainbow yarn…. I was so excited!!!! I had the perfect design in mind.

If you haven't worked with It's A Wrap Rainbow, let me share a bit about it….
And trust me, you'll want to run it and get it---you've been warned!

It is a unique yarn, being that it is loosely twisted together instead of tightly twisted like other yarns.
It's a ombre style yarn wound in a cute cake instead of a skein or hank.
I was concerned at first that it would get tangled, but nope!!!!
It didn't tangle at all, and the colors changed so subtly. I liked the blue and brown and gray mix---
and it made the tunic unique. I love how you can choose sides: blue or brown……
I used 2 cakes for this project. I worked from the center out---reaching the blue each time...
not the black yet. So you only see the blue and brown.

Now, the design is basically 4 fun squares, trimmed with straps…… see?

And the drape is awesome. It hangs loosely and is lightweight- not heavy at all!
I hope you give this pattern and yarn a try…..Get your free pattern here on Red Heart.
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