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January 4, 2019

Book Release: Huggable Monsters

Crocheted Amigurumi monsters designed by Kristi Simpson. Little kids will make friends fast with these huggable monsters. Each is easy to crochet using basic stitches and super soft, super bulky weight yarn.

Check out how cool each of these are! They all have something fun and spunky about them!

I can't get over how fun this one is! From the spiral head to the funny face-- 
it makes me want to pucker my own lips!
Use a variety of colors with this one and you'll have a monster
that's irresistible! I love the one BIG eye!
By using bobbles, you can add texture within the work. 
This makes it look like scales or bumps on the monster--and adds a bit of color too!
And what about the high-eyes! It's so fun to crochet--you have to have one!
This one is a hoot! Three eyes and horn looking ears-- 
if that doesn't make you scream with laughter then the high hair will! 
Last, but not least, this one was my twin's favorite! 
The slant on the head and the zig-zag detail ---and then the spikes on the body.... they loved it!

I hope you see one (or 5) that you'd love to make!
They are all made with Super Bulky 6 weight yarn so they work up fast (and use basic stitches!).
Have fun making your own set of Huggable Monsters! 

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