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November 1, 2018

Motif Sampler Throw Red Heart Free Crochet Pattern

This is the kind of project that you’ll enjoy having so that you can crochet the squares or panels while you have waiting time or are traveling. We show it in soothing neutral tones, but you can choose any three shades that make you happy.

I loved making this throw for Red Heart! It uses Red Heart Soft Essentials in 3 colors. It is a bulky 5 yarn and is the best yarn for this type of throw. It works up fast, and is so soft. I can see this in Navy and Grey or spring colors..... 

I made all of the motifs and joined them into strips...then I worked off of one strip to create the body and then added a strip of motifs on each side--- finish with a border and wa-lah! It's stunning! 

And the stitches that you'll use (and learn) are great! I love a good pattern that isn't 'boring' and this one will keep you interested all the way through! I bet this is one blanket you won't dread working on...because we all know that once you get to a certain point in a large blanket you just want it DONE. BUT this one is fun! 

So, go pick out your colors, download your pattern and get started today! 
Pattern can be found here on Ravelry (it'll direct you from there!):
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